Jun 25, 2014

the daily g | wooden sticks

the daily g | wooden sticks

in the midst of the summer, it's best we have a reality check and emotionally prepare for the inevitable deep freeze that will occur in a mere few months.

now, before you shake your head- listen up! stacked wood has a comfortable place within canadian decor, and frankly we originated the mod lodge look.  whether in a traditional or ultra modern application- the humble stack of wood within our homes is here to stay.

"old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, old books to read" -francis bacon

here are some inspirational interiors using stacked wood in their décor:

Jun 24, 2014

the daily g | summer header

the daily g | summer header

with love from yours truly, the latest GEMelizabeth Creative & Co. header photo features the Grey Goose flavour panel from the SMUT soirée 2014, "cherry noir".



May 14, 2014

the daily g | gallery ribba

the daily g | gallery ribba

wandered the aisles of ikea lately and found yourself lingering in the frame section, wondering how you can put together a gallery wall with the economic ribba series?

no need to ponder any longer- the GEMelizabeth Creative & Co. team have taken the guess work out of the process, giving you the layout and shopping list.  your only decision left will be what fills your frames.

here's what you'll need:

1.  XL Ribba Frame (x3)  $29.99 ea.
2.  L Ribba Frame (x2)  $14.99 ea.
3.  M Ribba Frame (x7)  $9.99 ea.
4.  S Ribba Frame (x6)  $4.99 ea.
5.  Olunda Picture (x1)  $49.99

this template covers an approximate area of 12' x 4'-9"; ideal for a standard height wall above a sofa and end tables and will cost you approximately $305 CAD for the frames.

here's what you'll need to know to be successful:

-use a lazer level to mark your top line; we matched the height to the top of the drapery panels on the adjacent wall for consistency. keep in mind the clearance above your sofa to the ceiling needs to be at least 60".
-hang by column (there are 4 in this installation) starting at the top and working down.
-hang from the frame (not hanging hardware provided) and mark your screws 3/4" lower than where you want the top of your frame to be to consider the thickness of the wood. mark your screws 2" narrower than the width of the frame to allow for adjusting.  
-keep in mind not to place your screws any narrower than 2" on either side from the corner of the frame; the corners are the strongest, and the frames will sag if the screws are installed too narrow.
-pump up the tunes, make yourself a drink and keep a tube of alex plus handy to fill any oops holes.


Apr 2, 2013

the daily g | and the instantly gratified

the daily g | and the instantly gratified

there comes a time when it's an absolute necessity to take your street cred to a whole notha level. with that said, the good word is INSTAGRATIFICATION.

what does it mean, you ask? surely everyone is interested in being instantly gratified- so listen up:  

you're starting to get washed up, you're feelin' like a has-been, and your hair's a bit flat.  you decide it's time to put it on the line, and enter a "wet t-shirt contest"  {read: photography festival} because, well... you think your pictures are the shit, and you want more "purse money"  {read: $1000 prize money} because you're a greedy motha... shut you mouth.

tickling your fancy? what about now...

this event is as smooth as taffy on a hot summer day, and if you haven't jumped on- TANTO... jump on it!  

and submit!


Jan 3, 2013

the daily g | bonbon année

the daily g | bonbon année

while i was being dropped like a hooker after work, i decided it seemed like another good year to keep doing exactly as i always do; making waves.  let's just say the new year started off with(out) a bang and this girl's charged- whoever said progress was a slow process never met anyone born to be in the fast lane.

so sharpen your pencils, spritz your fly away's and buy yourself some damn hot lingerie... it's time we made a mess. 

bonbon année!


ryan seacrests ball via realmenswear

Jan 1, 2013

the daily g | and the p'tit ami

the daily g | and the p'tit ami

"your advertising's just dandy... folks would never guess you don't have a thing to sell."  -bonnie parker

harpers bazaar x peter lindbergh debuted this troublesome twosome who robed banks and ran from the law in natty neutrals and a jaunty beret.


Sep 17, 2012

the daily g | and the lucky ones

the daily g | and the lucky ones

"this season is probably one of the closest and most personal since it's based on my own personal memories." 
-michael bastian

GANT x michael bastian launches it's "back to boston" fall winter 2012 campaign with a nod to the preps at boston u, and all the best from the eighties.  a healthy mix of the mod era revival, a touch of boxing and a little irish luck sets the musky undertone of their urban unisex collision.  

GANT x michael bastian via GANT



Sep 11, 2012

the daily g | tight schedule

the daily g | tight schedule

the bitch notch just got turned up, and stilettos look best on mondays. if you're looking for a fist fight- i'm your man. there's a reason my boat is called the brass tacks.

"winners don't make excuses when the other side plays the game."

-harvey spector, suits

tods via real men swear


Jun 21, 2012

the daily g | hip hop anonymous

the daily g | hip hop anonymous

"rob the jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill" -nelly

if you find yourself with an extra pair of newly extracted wisdom's in your probably too-tight jeans pocket; i'm your man. no but really- ann demeulemeester used feathers, margiela used a huge watch charm; which was probably in some way linked to that trainwreck flavor flav, and raf simons used a shirt bone.  don't say i didn't tell you that statement necklaces aren't going anywhere. 

now let's be honest, there's not a lot that hasn't been done in terms of fashion. and if you want to stand out from the crowd- you need to take a risk.  so when i came across my hot bag of treats' perfectly shaped pearly whites (which he recently had yanked), i found myself crushing hard.  and when they look that good- they're just begging to be turned into into a chicklet chain.  nahmean?

now before you go, floss your teeth, and decide: damn she's weird.  i'm not the first to want to take the tooth fairy for all she's worth. 

maiden noir x studios of charles krafft


Jun 20, 2012

the daily g | 3am x darkness and the tooth fairy wears black

the daily g | 3am x darkness and the tooth fairy wears black

"i can resist everything but temptation" -oscar wilde

have a gold or silver-plated reason for checking into the hospital? woke up with a pounding headache and blood on your shirt, unable to recall what happened yesterday apart from the shameful images of you dancing topless to prince's erotic city? whoever said waking up in vegas was hard to do, never met a twenty-something kid with a dare-me attitude. 

"when rome falls, these will be our remains: cigarette butts, pills, bottle caps, and coke bags."  

born from a desire to create artifacts of our vices, cast of vices celebrates the inherent design aesthetic of these substances, while at the same time casting a cynical eye on pop culture and our obsession with self-medication and addiction.  the new york based design pack remarkably capture the authenticity of all our dirty little secrets in the most urban-utilitarian way. 

the subversive and dark humored line can be found at oak.  


oh, and for the record- the tooth fairy is a real cheeky bitch.

May 8, 2012

the daily g | and the saddle bags

the daily g | and the saddle bags

before promptly diving head-first into the "i have nothing to pack" spring break frenzy, riddle me this: should one have cute luggage to put all the useless shit, deemed once as 'useful shit' into- perhaps the daunting pack-pack task might be a little easier?

hear me out; before dumping your entire wardrobe onto your not so freshii parquet- consider that turquoise crocco, studded, nickel plated, carrying case who's waiting to be packed. you respect that case. you talk nice to that case. you might even take that case out for dinner. but don't you dare shove a pair of tattered, last-season gladiators in there. do you kiss your mama with that mouth? didn't think so.

call it what you want; avoiding the real issue, validating another frivolous expense, shopping addiction problems... etc etc etc. bla bla bla. i've made the decision- babe luggage is essential. 

z gallerie's veneto suitcases hit all the right notes with their aquamarine ensemble.

and dont even think about putting it into the car yourself- that's what the staff's for.  




May 3, 2012

the daily g | double fisting

the daily g | double fisting

"give me a gun and a horse, and i'll show you a hero." 

nick wooster via real men swear

the daily g | mal à la tête

the daily g | mal à la tête

soul-selling and cannibalism are no longer a requirement to obtain a skull mantle-piece. tear down your reason, and smell the talent- josh harker is officially the shit. 

"i develop tangled shapes and images to interpret and share forms evident in the mind's eye, but that cannot otherwise be described. my intent is to explore and give form to the architecture of the imagination"

-joshua harker

filigree skull by joshua harker, via ahalife

Apr 16, 2012

the daily g | the n*36

the daily g | the n*36

he said it not me.

if the idea of a little m'ankle and a full beard doesn't get your gears going; girl, you need to check your engine. 

courtousy of real men swear- just another filthy, fucking menswear blog, son. 

Apr 4, 2012

the daily g | notta lotta

the daily g | notta lotta

i. got. nothin.

Jan 31, 2012

the daily g | frenchie, i'm faking

the daily g | frenchie, i'm faking

back-to-school woes and whoa's of the upper left bank- and yes that location exists. 

just when you thought 2012 couldn't get any more glamourous, my bon, bon vie is set to surprise even the most enthusiastic of skeptics.  pack up your papier and sharpen those pencils bitches, this girl's going back to school.

move over, because there's a new sorbonne socialite in town- with a dimly lit, under-photoshopped student card to prove it. since selena gomez and her herd of tween backup singers didn't end up in my apartment last year to teach me french, i figured the third most strategic way of learning the language of love (closely behind marrying a french man for his money) would be to, shit, enroll in french school.

after mulling it over for about 6 hours, i made the leap, swiped the card, and plastered my twitter- it's obviously now offish.  plus, think about all the outfits: nothing says intelligent like a hint of plaid and a cardigan set. 

who ever said back to school was passé, obviously never watched gossip girl.


Jan 15, 2012

the daily g | road to the red carpet

the daily g | road to the red carpet

on the road to the tapais rouge, bringing you fashion predictions and recaps from awards season, kicking off with the 69th annual golden globes.

here are my heavy hitter's fashion predicions:

anne hathaway- armani privé, valentino
charlize theron- dior, rodarte
emma stone- lanvin, calvin klein
zooey deschanel- alaia, louis vuitton
jessica chastain- oscar de la renta, zac posen 

annie and charlize are going to hit it out of the park, they're on the way to best dressed- witch feeling. pleasant surprise from the underdog, zooey, with a nipped-in waist and a full skirt. emma stone is going to wow fashionistas, but will be a little un-relatable for the non-fashion bitches.  jess chastain is going to be awkward on the carpet, and we're all going to forget about michelle williams- not dre

Dec 6, 2011

the daily g  |  the brush collection

the daily g | the brush collection

the secret behind my applicators.

clinique, powder + blush brush

the brush collection. finely crafted for expert control. unique antibacterial technology. plus they tickle. enough said? ok.

Dec 5, 2011

the daily g  |  jade is the new black

the daily g | jade is the new black

the secret behind my claws. 

opi, jade is the new black

green- the colour of envy and money- could be a repeat offender of the holiday season. with a season full of military inspiration, this forest-found hue has emerged, decadently darker than summers mint predecessors.

sharpen your knives and get those claws out- going green never looked so good.

Dec 3, 2011

the daily g  |  mr seagull

the daily g | mr seagull

the secret behind my jeweley.

sarah coventry, mr seagull

often perceived as a terrain riddled with abstruse references that are too intimidating to broach (no pun intended)- the vintage jewelry market, for many, is an unfamiliar territory. but with the current economic climate in its present state, the recessionistas are looking to get a little more bling for the buck. 

an untold story is the paperbag princess actually found a diamond in a haystack- they say one man's trash is another man's treasure, and vintage jewelry is no exception.