Mar 18, 2018

the daily g | music is my hot hot sex

well if there's one thing that a 4 year nap can teach you is that nothing has changed, and i still think i'm hilarious.  with a long, cold winter in my rear view, i found it just about the right time to come out of hibernation and shake the rust off. 

hello world, she back. 

after spending one too many nights staring at the back of midnight, pretending i'm a famous dj - i found myself reminiscing about the good ol' days, by way of musical interlude [read: throughtfully curated spotify playlist] which got the creative juices flowing, amongst other things. 

as i scrolled through countless hours of music, old playlists and screenshots of artists i loved from the times i thought i was cooler than i was, it dawned on me- music is life, and we need to share it more.  i know, i know- you're like girl you've been on a time-out for, like, 48 months and now you think you can come back and preach the good word? listen up- there's a point.

while we're all sitting around eating dinner off first generation ipads, enjoying art, porridge, and anything reclaimed let's rewind back to that time i bat my eyelashes into a live-taping of probably the best resource for new music, and met my first millionaire ex-husband.  we need more of this!

so if you find yourself sitting at home late-night, polishing your peanut- take a listen to this hot jam straight from taratata official, and think to yourself maybe your hipster mustache isn't as ironic as you think, because it happened in france six years ago.  

welcome back, deluxe.

xx g

dj pam hogg @ silencio, paris

jarle bernhoft @ cigale, paris