May 14, 2014

the daily g | gallery ribba

the daily g | gallery ribba

wandered the aisles of ikea lately and found yourself lingering in the frame section, wondering how you can put together a gallery wall with the economic ribba series?

no need to ponder any longer- the GEMelizabeth Creative & Co. team have taken the guess work out of the process, giving you the layout and shopping list.  your only decision left will be what fills your frames.

here's what you'll need:

1.  XL Ribba Frame (x3)  $29.99 ea.
2.  L Ribba Frame (x2)  $14.99 ea.
3.  M Ribba Frame (x7)  $9.99 ea.
4.  S Ribba Frame (x6)  $4.99 ea.
5.  Olunda Picture (x1)  $49.99

this template covers an approximate area of 12' x 4'-9"; ideal for a standard height wall above a sofa and end tables and will cost you approximately $305 CAD for the frames.

here's what you'll need to know to be successful:

-use a lazer level to mark your top line; we matched the height to the top of the drapery panels on the adjacent wall for consistency. keep in mind the clearance above your sofa to the ceiling needs to be at least 60".
-hang by column (there are 4 in this installation) starting at the top and working down.
-hang from the frame (not hanging hardware provided) and mark your screws 3/4" lower than where you want the top of your frame to be to consider the thickness of the wood. mark your screws 2" narrower than the width of the frame to allow for adjusting.  
-keep in mind not to place your screws any narrower than 2" on either side from the corner of the frame; the corners are the strongest, and the frames will sag if the screws are installed too narrow.
-pump up the tunes, make yourself a drink and keep a tube of alex plus handy to fill any oops holes.