Apr 2, 2013

the daily g | and the instantly gratified

the daily g | and the instantly gratified

there comes a time when it's an absolute necessity to take your street cred to a whole notha level. with that said, the good word is INSTAGRATIFICATION.

what does it mean, you ask? surely everyone is interested in being instantly gratified- so listen up:  

you're starting to get washed up, you're feelin' like a has-been, and your hair's a bit flat.  you decide it's time to put it on the line, and enter a "wet t-shirt contest"  {read: photography festival} because, well... you think your pictures are the shit, and you want more "purse money"  {read: $1000 prize money} because you're a greedy motha... shut you mouth.

tickling your fancy? what about now...

this event is as smooth as taffy on a hot summer day, and if you haven't jumped on- TANTO... jump on it!  

and submit!