May 8, 2012

the daily g | and the saddle bags

the daily g | and the saddle bags

before promptly diving head-first into the "i have nothing to pack" spring break frenzy, riddle me this: should one have cute luggage to put all the useless shit, deemed once as 'useful shit' into- perhaps the daunting pack-pack task might be a little easier?

hear me out; before dumping your entire wardrobe onto your not so freshii parquet- consider that turquoise crocco, studded, nickel plated, carrying case who's waiting to be packed. you respect that case. you talk nice to that case. you might even take that case out for dinner. but don't you dare shove a pair of tattered, last-season gladiators in there. do you kiss your mama with that mouth? didn't think so.

call it what you want; avoiding the real issue, validating another frivolous expense, shopping addiction problems... etc etc etc. bla bla bla. i've made the decision- babe luggage is essential. 

z gallerie's veneto suitcases hit all the right notes with their aquamarine ensemble.

and dont even think about putting it into the car yourself- that's what the staff's for.