Jan 31, 2012

the daily g | frenchie, i'm faking

the daily g | frenchie, i'm faking

back-to-school woes and whoa's of the upper left bank- and yes that location exists. 

just when you thought 2012 couldn't get any more glamourous, my bon, bon vie is set to surprise even the most enthusiastic of skeptics.  pack up your papier and sharpen those pencils bitches, this girl's going back to school.

move over, because there's a new sorbonne socialite in town- with a dimly lit, under-photoshopped student card to prove it. since selena gomez and her herd of tween backup singers didn't end up in my apartment last year to teach me french, i figured the third most strategic way of learning the language of love (closely behind marrying a french man for his money) would be to, shit, enroll in french school.

after mulling it over for about 6 hours, i made the leap, swiped the card, and plastered my twitter- it's obviously now offish.  plus, think about all the outfits: nothing says intelligent like a hint of plaid and a cardigan set. 

who ever said back to school was passé, obviously never watched gossip girl.