GEMelizabeth Creative & Company
 is a multi-disciplinary design studio devoted to holistic creation and brand development that serves a range of fashion, art, and interior lifestyle clients. Led by internationally experienced creative director Gemma Elizabeth- GE&Co. offers design, image, and branding capabilities across a variety of mediums, from print to installation. By thoughtfully distilling a client’s inspirations, ideas, and motivations- GE&Co. generates fresh, sincere, compelling brand messages that engage and resonate.

Founded in 2011 by creative director Gemma Elizabeth, GEMelizabeth Creative & Company has a wide variety of international clients from both North America & Europe, with offices in both Toronto, CA and Paris, FR.  

Not your average designer, Gemma’s keen understanding of design fundamentals compliment a razor-sharp eye for innovation. For over a decade, she has evolved within the many avenues of the design industry and has most recently begun to develop her expertise as a freelance creative.  With her ever-increasing roster of commercial and residential projects, she places great emphasis on tailoring her work to collaborate her instinctive taste with her client’s expectations. She creates eye catching imagery with a strong sense of place. Fusing modern lines with traditional patina, she introduces modern details to timeless effect. 

Gemma started her career in visual presentation 10 years ago as an intern visual merchandiser and assistant prop stylist in the interior living industry in Toronto.  While in school, she continued developing her network, assisting many iconic names within the home décor industry, including Bowring, Nexxt by Linea, and David Youngson & Associates.

Three years ago she found herself in high demand and ventured to Paris in pursuit of the high fashion culture for inspiration- contracting for one of the most iconic American fashion publications; W Magazine.  Growing as a designer and entrepreneur, she balanced creativity with well-honed strategy to successfully execute digital brand development for numerous European luxury brands, including: Givenchy, Céline, & Jimmy Choo.

Alongside some of the fashion and interior lifestyle industry’s biggest names, she attended some of the most prestigious French runway shows and art openings- increasing her international network. Gemma quickly realized that as a creative renegade she could carve a niche in the evolving world of design.

Core Values: 5 Things We Follow

Collaboration:   Clients are involved, clients are listened to, clients are inspiration.
Elevation:   Challenging and moving beyond what’s already been done is just the beginning.
Innovation:   Uncommon ideas that are intuitive and exciting.
Contrast:   Old meets new. Masculine meets feminine. Capturing the balance is what brings everything to life. 
Consistent:   The consumer is as important as the client- we consider how the message is delivered through every avenue.